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Eleanor Bennett

splinterswerve is an ezine of the arts, representing works of non-fiction, fiction, poetry, sound and vision. We are a group of editors, artists, writers and creators following a community-based model of making collaborative decisions and working together in the production of splinterswerve.

We are based in Calgary, AB and Victoria, BC Canada.

Managing Editor/Designer/Sound Editor
Wendi Seskus-James

Poetry Editor/Associate Web Editor
PJ Grace

Non-fiction Editor
Matt Jennings

Lead Fiction Editor
Dawn L. Ford

Fiction Editor
Michelle Bodnar

Fiction Editor
Olyn Ozbick

Vision Curator
Katherine Bourke

Contributing Editor
Matt Gigg

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issue 8 : splinter / swerve

Welcome to issue number nine of splinterswerve and thank you for visiting. This issue's theme is ebb / flow. Dive deep down into our web pages as we explore the rhythm of all things: how we succumb to the flow and fight against it, how we move forward and pull back, how we wax and wane, how we live and die.

splinterswerve has gone international this issue, with established artists and writers from around the globe, from Iceland to the United Kingdom, USA to Australia, and a fair representation from our home country Canada, too.

Visit the sound section and listen to ambient drone from Singapore by elintseeker as an accompaniment to a trip to the Jade Buddha Temple in Shanghai with Sarah E. Truman. Welcome the flow of spring with Wendy Morton and the February Sun and celebrate life in colour with Yinka Oyelese's dazzling digital photography. There's a lot here, so slip into this sea of creativity and surrender to the undertow. Just remember to come up slowly to avoid the bends. -Wendi Seskus-James, Managing Editor

Cover photo by Eleanor L. Bennett.


splinterswerve non-fiction

Jade Buddha Temple - Sarah E. Truman
"I imagine myself tuning in like a radio, picking up some fuzz and static until slipping into her wave."


Seeding - Dawn L. Ford
"Here in the year 2012, we’re living out Orwell’s 1984 in our own words. Our hands, once upon a time adept for work, have become trained for texting and instant messaging.

Smoking Vinyl - Matt Jennings
"Some stops are better than starts, just as some starts are better than stops."

Translations - Andrea Routley
" sit at a desk in a classroom with no glass in the windows because it never gets cold enough, and white paint on stucco walls and tile floors that look sweaty in the afternoon..."

The Land of Ghosts - Jacquelyn White
"Tiny fish dart away from my interloping feet, the glimmer of their scales distinguishing them from the dancing water plants, the earthen tiles of riverbed stone."


splinterswerve ficiton

Gumbooted and Blanket Wrapped - Shel Sweeney
"She is reaching out to me, calling my name, pretending to cradle me in her arms like I am still a baby, but we keep falling away from each other."

The Conversation - Michelle Bodnar
“My dad says I laugh too loud.”

Incoming Tide - Sheila Firth-Warlund
"Dan sinks his left hand delicately into water. Touches glass. And it is smooth as the sea that wore away its edges."

Another Zombie Tale - Kyle Hemmings
"The dead girl infiltrates our house, becomes the sister who tended towards fatal car crashes, had sex with amputees."

Musically Inclined in Private Spaces- Kyle Hemmings
"You're a lonely girl who can't make sense of this or that world, their world."

The Cupcake Chronicles - Louis Marvin
"Chef Johnny Sweet created micro cameras that he put into the little sugar-silver balls that would adorn the icing."


splinterswerve poetry

Residual and Bivalve - Shazia Hafiz Ramji
"We can say flotsam and jetsam / or where did I leave my keys, / did you take your pills tonight?"

Brainwash - Dale Lee Kwong
"Brain waves collide / Grinding stress from my soul / Into cotton candy."

The Dirt on Me - Daniela Lorenzi
"We drive by terra cotta squares bold within / a patchwork quilt covering the earth./
Life-blood dirt. / Uteruses-in-waiting."

positing no being - David McLean
"simple mechanics which denies / possible return."

February Sun - Wendy Morton
"The full moon. A bitter wind."

Out of the Tube - Ben Nardolilli
"A teeth-whitening paste has gotten loose / and is brightening up the day"

Tol Eressëa - Winston Plowes
"The wind makes a bed of the sea / like Christine in the eighties"

The Task - Nicole C. Scott
"I went away for the weekend to slip / out of my disciplines. So I didn't practice /
my asanas / except for a moment in the sand."


splinterswerve vision

Send Now Eleanor L. Bennett Wharf Liz Clark
Sketch Sarah Hatton Cosmic Nazifa Islam
Morning Has Broken Yinka Oyelese Commanda Salwilliam


splinterswerve sound

Beat Machine Aron

The Flow
Beat Machine Aron (Iceland)




The Flow by Exist Strategy
Canoo Remix (Halifax, Canada)




Ebb and Flow
elintseeker (Singapore)




Hatchling (Victoria, Canada)



"The Brain, within its Groove Runs evenly -- and true -- But let a Splinter swerve --" Emily Dickinson

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