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I am Hatchling. Most people know me as Erin.

I work an office job by day, and my co-workers give me strength with their support. I have a son I cherish, who needs my strength and comfort. I have a house that needs cleaning. I have debts that need to be maintained. I live the usual, day-to-day life of a working single mom.

But I am also something else.

I am a a soaring, raw, aching, lusting and bleeding soul that loves life and longs to create music with all my heart. I am an adventurer, a star, a dangerous liason, an angel and a demon. I am here to love you with my songs.

Most people don't know who I really am, the strange inner life I have lived, or the unusual heart that beats within my breast.

I imagine dying with this unlived life and this secret me fading away silently into the night; another song unsong, another word unspoken. There are too many such empty, truncated lives in our spiritually parched world. I can't live with that to look forward to.

And so I sing, to any soul who will listen and be lit up by the spark I send out.

Can you hear me?


Photo credits:
Bad fairy (bio) - Aaron Licht
Feather Boa (home page) - Sarah Kramer











"The Brain, within its Groove Runs evenly -- and true -- But let a Splinter swerve --" Emily Dickinson

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