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Sarah Hatton

Sarah Hatton

Longing is a common thread in Sarah Hatton's work; whether examining aspects of childhood or fleeting memories of significant lost places. She investigates collective memory, using the visual vocabulary of her own experience to inform her work. Her work is represented by Galerie St-Laurent + Hill (Ottawa), Gallery 3 (Ottawa), Galerie D'Avignon (Montreal) and Halde Galerie (Zurich). 


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Sketch by Sarah Hatton


I drew this while waiting for you
Before one of many of such meetings
Sketching to pass the time as I glanced up at the horizon
and the side mirror
The scene too simple to hold my attention
as I awaited your car’s arrival
slight tremor in my hand, pen tentative, pulse in throat.
This feeble record, discarded in mid stroke at the sight of you
tucked into a bag, smeared
forgotten in light of more visceral things
Immediate things
Damp, scratched rough by errant sand
Slipping behind the dresser where I had later emptied
the confessions of my purse
It lay
disturbed only years later, fingers grasping toward where
the earring had bounced
Creased, unfinished, superior, this sketch prevails
A testament to its own abandonment
yet here it outlasts you


Sarah Hatton, 2012



"The Brain, within its Groove Runs evenly -- and true -- But let a Splinter swerve --" Emily Dickinson

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