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Daniela Lorenzi

Daniela Lorenzi

Daniela Lorenzi was born in British Columbia but spent much of her youth flowing between Italy, the country of her heart, and various parts of Canada, the country of her birth. She is grateful to have finally settled in Victoria, B.C. where she is a teacher of languages and a constantly-amazed student of life. In the past few years she has turned a more focused gaze toward creativity -- through the written word and through music performance. She has had works (poetry and CNF) published in Victoria Writers Magazine.



The Dirt on Me

We drive by terra cotta squares bold within   
a patchwork quilt covering the earth.
Life-blood dirt. Uteruses-in-waiting.
At a silent beach
I wade into brick-red sea water
dig my feet into this menstrual soil,
marvel at my cinnamon toes.
Sensory scramble: Spring in PEI.

I search the Atlantic
for my own terra cotta land, my singular peninsula:
its brick ancestral houses flanked by cypress guards
baked clay pots disgorging red geraniums,
its rolling hills burnt beneath a sedulous sun.
I remember fecund dirt.
Not so intense, perhaps, as this island red
azure water not so abrupt,
air fat with salt and laughter;
beach toes, my childhood toes, digging in gold sand. 
My Tuscan summer.

I turn my gaze across this immense continent:
another island waits for my return.
No terra cotta earth, no golden, sun-baked sand,
no uterine-allusions there. 
Just rocky shores brushed green by rain,
leaning cedar towers beaten back by Pacific rage.
Chocolate soil, powdery,
covers these older toes of mine and
muddies night-time bath water.
My Vancouver Island winter.

"The Brain, within its Groove Runs evenly -- and true -- But let a Splinter swerve --" Emily Dickinson

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