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Yinka Oyelese



Described by the Digital Photographer Magazine Yearbook as one of “the most exciting digital photographers in the world today”, Yinka Oyelese is a medical doctor who specializes in the management of high-risk pregnancies. He took up photography in 2006 when he decided to take photos of the changing leaves of autumn. His photos came out very nicely, and he has not looked back since.  His photographs have been published in several of the world’s leading photographic magazines. He uses a Canon digital SLR camera, although emphasizes that photography is not about the camera, but about being at the right place at the right time. His favourite subject matter is landscapes, and Alberta provides him with endless opportunities to capture the beauty in nature. Yinka lives in New Jersey with his wife Patrice, a singer, whose debut recording he is producing.

Read more about the artist here.

More images here.


Serenity Serenity


Banff Lake - Tranquility Tranquility


Alberta Plains
Alberta Plains


Morning Has BrokenMorning Has Broken




Fields of GoldFields of Gold


Alberta SunsetAlberta Sunset


Cameron LakeCameron Lake


Big Sky CountryBig Sky Country


Free to RoamFree to Roam


Cameron Lake Cameron Lake


Road to ParadiseRoad to Paradise


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