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Winston Plowes

Winston Plowes

Winston Plowes lives in the Calder Valley on a boat near Hebden Bridge. His poems have been widely published in print and on line in a variety of well known journals and on the backs of toilet doors in the Shetland Isles. He is also a fan of endurance cycling and drinking real ale (but not simultaneously).

You can read more at his website



Tol Eressëa

The wind makes a bed of the sea
like Christine in the eighties
with her fastidious eye.

Smoothing out the horizon
on all four sides,
brushing off seabirds
with the edge of her hand.
Plumping up the few thin clouds
and picking off spray
with precise licked fingers.

And when she had finished,
the side lamp provided our sunset
lending me time to wonder
where she might be now.

"The Brain, within its Groove Runs evenly -- and true -- But let a Splinter swerve --" Emily Dickinson

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