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splinterswerve is an ezine of the arts, representing works of non-fiction, fiction, poetry, sound and vision. We are a group of editors, artists, writers and creators following a community-based model of making colloborative decisions and working together in the production of splinterswerve.

We are based in Calgary, Alberta and Victoria, BC Canada.

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Michelle Bodnar

Michelle Bodnar, Fiction Editor

Meet me, Michelle Bodnar, a lovely person who sometimes, accidentally, thinks hateful and ugly things, and the best way I know how to understand it all it is to simply write about it. Or, meet me, Michelle Bodnar, a hateful and ugly person, who sometimes, accidentally, thinks lovely things, and the best way I know how to understand it all is to simply write about it. Cheers for your time.

Katherine Bourke

Katherine Bourke 2012, Vision Curator

Bourke is a photographic, walking, architectural, and installation artist, an instructor of art and theory, and an academic pursuing the art and methods of Transdisciplinary art & inquiry and urbanism. Bourke’s creative ventures are usually some sort of inquiry into cities, and photographic scapes or installation representations of colour and form in urban industrial environments. Most recently on a project of architectural models, drawings, photographs, and writing defining hybridity in German, Japanese, and Icelandic culture—as well as an inquiry into a definity of supermodernity and industrial and construction aesthetics and environments—this project is called neusuperhi.


Dawn L. Ford

Dawn L. Ford, Lead Fiction Editor

Dawn has her MFA Theatre Studies, specializing in collective creation.  She has worked as an actor/ director/ playwright developing and producing new plays with a focus on telling the stories of marginalized people.  Five years ago, Dawn shifted her artistic focus to fiction writing and has taken courses through the University of Calgary and the Alexandra Centre.  She also started working with the City of Calgary's Public Art Program in 2007, and provides Community Cultural Development initiatives city-wide. Currently, she is on maternity leave with her second child, and spends her time renovating her house with her partner, chasing after her three year old and working on her first novel.


Matt Gigg

Matt Gigg , Contributing Editor

Matt is a writer and musician from Calgary, Canada.





Matt Jennings

Matt Jennings, Non-fiction Editor

Insofar as the things one does defines who he is, Matt Jennings draws, collects comics, wakes up early, sings songs, makes dioramas, bangs a banjo, and generally plays the fool. One or a combination of these traits likely keeps him a bachelor. Hipsters say he was a geek before geek was cool; geeks say he was a hipster before he took an arrow in the knee. He likes Buster Keaton, old school hip hop, and stand-up comedy, and remembers rotary telephones. By day he edits curriculum, making enough to keep him in vinyl records—by night, he sleeps.


Matt Jennings

Olyn Ozbick , Fiction Editor

Olyn Ozbick’s stories are published or forthcoming in Monkeybicycle, Fourthirtythree (4'33") and Crack the Spine and have been shortlisted for a CBC Literary Prize. She is an award-winning, non-fiction editor
and a publisher. Her essays, journalism, reviews and creative non-ficiton have been published in Chatelaine, Harrowsmith, Equinox, Avenue, The Herald, and other fine publications. She lives and works in Calgary and Pine Coulee. Read more at


Wendi Seskus-James

Wendi Seskus-James , Managing Editor, Web Designer, Sound Editor

In between being thrust from the womb and hurtling toward her demise, Wendi tries to find meaning in life by living it. She is devoted to mothering her young son, practicing yoga and being authentic. Her world is filled with words both on and off the clock.

"The Brain, within its Groove Runs evenly -- and true -- But let a Splinter swerve --" Emily Dickinson

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