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elintseeker is Fuzz Lee from Singapore. With composition, textural sound design, silence, improvised movements of guitar, sound processing, light glitch electronics, found sound and field recordings, he articulates or reflects his feelings about daily life into musical form. He approaches composition with the mindset of a painter painting a picture, by small strokes of the brush.




Ebb and Flow

From the album by the sea © 2012 Somehow Recordings. 

Our landscape is always changing but the sea remains the same. A place that we can always return to whenever we need to seek comfort, peace of mind and refuge.

By the sea is a collection of five instrumental tracks that were inspired by the coastal line on the eastern side of Singapore. From moments spent watching the waves gently lapping against the shore, or hiding underneath a shelter during the ocean rain, melodies and structures came naturally, effortlessly and automatically. With the sparkling guest musicianship of Junya Yanagidaira (ironomi), Leslie Low (The Observatory) and multi-instrumentalist Bani Haykal, these five tracks are an attempt to recapture those moments and memories with sound and melody. Layers and colours of drifting, gentle guitar textures and drones that hopefully evoke the image or feeling of the sea and its waves within the listener.






"The Brain, within its Groove Runs evenly -- and true -- But let a Splinter swerve --" Emily Dickinson

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