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splinterswerve is an ezine of the arts, representing works of non-fiction, fiction, poetry, sound and vision. We are a group of editors, artists, writers and creators following a community-based model of making collaborative decisions and working together in the production of splinterswerve.

We are based in Calgary, Alberta and Victoria, BC Canada.

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About the editors.

splinterswerve's Manifesto






Submission Guidelines

splinterswerve is an e-zine that works in a collaborative model to support artists in exploring works that challenge boundaries—their own and those of their audience—for more information, please check out our manifestoWe do not pay for submissions at this time.  However, we have a broad audience across Canada, and contributors will have the opportunity to have increased national exposure in a supportive, artist-run environment.

We are looking for quality work. Written submissions (poetry, fiction and non-fiction) are often accepted with the expectation of further development or edits in conjuction with the writer. Please consider this when submitting.

Along with your submission, please include:

  • An introductory email that describes how your work fits in with the splinterswerve manifesto and the theme (submissions must align with the theme of the edition).
  • A bio (that you would like printed if your piece is selected);
  • and (if you like) a photo of yourself and/ or image that might be included with the work.

Fiction/non-fiction/CNF: written word submissions must not exceed 2000 words. Please submit pieces in Microsoft Word format, font Times New Roman, font size 12.

Poetry: a maximum of 3 poems. Please submit poems in Microsoft Word format, font Times New Roman, font size 12.

Photography and Art: any photographs or artwork of recognizable faces should be submitted along with written permission of those depicted. Please submit all images in JPG format.

Sound: any submissions for the sound section must be sent as an MP3 file or as a link to a radio player that can be imbedded into HTML. Music, spoken word, soundscapes and any sound performances are suitable.

Editorial Rights: the editors of splinterswerve work without monetary gain to maintain an original, challenging ezine, and as such, we are unable to promise publication of any work due to restrictions of space, time and resources.

Length of Publication: all accepted works will be featured for the duration of one issue of splinterswerve. They will then be cached in the archives section of the website and will remain accessible to the public.

Authors and artists may request that their work be taken down at any time.


Editorial Calendar

February 2013: Ebb/Flow
Submission deadline January 1, 2013

Sometimes change comes in our lives like a splinter that causes those well trodden grooves in our minds to swerve off course. At other times, change comes by way of ebb and flow. Sometimes this is with gentle undulations and other times with wild crashing, but all the while rhythmic, cyclical. Sometimes for change to happen, we just need to wait for the tides to turn.

May 2013: SUB
Submission deadline April 1, 2013

What is SUBterranean? What is the SUBtext? What is SUBversive? What is SUBculture? In this issue of splinterswerve, we are interested in looking at SUB as a theme for exploring that which is "alternate, auxiliary, backup, below, replacement, second, standby, understudy" ( What is normalcy? What challenges the norm? What facilitates change? What is the role of the individual? Of community?

October 2013: Schemata
Submission deadline September 1, 2013

Schemata is the psychological theory that our experiences build upon each other, each new experience influenced by our personal history. A mental structure is created out of our preconceived ideas. While this enables us to organize and understand our worlds, it can also make our minds rigid, unable to see new ways of being. In this issue of splinterswerve, we are looking for works that explore this idea, exploring personal histories and ideas, excavating them, getting under the skin of them, exposing them, and maybe even changing them. Memories...




"The Brain, within its Groove Runs evenly -- and true -- But let a Splinter swerve --" Emily Dickinson

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